basic ethics policy

  • We are an equal opportunity and reasonable accommodation employer.
  • a2z Renovations Company values their employees and customers by maintaining safety work practices and conditions.
  • We do not   condone on-the-job smoking, cursing, stealing, lying and un-truthfulness loud music, use of illegal drugs (on the job or prior to working), and any such similar activities that are not legal or ethical. We perform random drug testing with the understanding that if the individual passes the test a2z pays for the test, and if not the individual pays the bill. Failure to comply will be suitable grounds for dismissal.
  • If you cannot conform to the above-mentioned standards, we appreciate your interest, however please do not apply.

  • All applicants must complete the Job Interest Form below.
  • If applicable, once we receive the Job Interest Form, a job applicant form will be emailed and the applicant must complete in full, sign and submit with resume in the following methods:
  • We will review job application and contact you regarding next steps.

      Thank you for your inquiry.