Rich Bonvegna
President / Lead Remodeler
a2z Renovations, LLC

 Rich was born and raised in Bristol, Rhode Island, a 1984 graduate of Bristol High School. He earned his Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Rhode Island and his MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

With over 22 years of business experience working for such diverse companies as General Electric, Pepperidge Farms and United Distillers & Vintners. He received numerous executive awards, accolades and corporate recognition. His mechanical and carpentry experience started years ago at the age of nine, when he helped his father build a tool shed and rebuild the family’s corvette engine amongst other diverse projects.

To help supplement college expenses, Richard started and managed Brush and Hammer Painting Company and Light Carpentry business that helped pay his continued education.

The year was 2001, Richard was in London on a corporate business trip when he received a very exciting phone call from his wife. She was very proud to announce that their baby, had just taken precious first steps. Richard was extremely proud and at the same time sad. Sad because he knew that if he continued his excessive business travel, the probability of missing more important family moments were inevitable. He wanted to provide his children the same opportunities of a tight family closeness and bonding that his parents instilled on him and his siblings. The executive decision was made to resign from Corporate America and become an entrepreneur.

a2z Renovations was started in 2002 with a goal to bring a sense of corporate professionalism to every customer and prospect. We are very proud of our services and never forget that every home that we enter has a family that deserves respect, courtesy and special attention to service details and family dynamics. Our expectation is NOT to be viewed as a typical uncaring contractor, but rather a True Professional Team. a2z Renovations is based out of Portsmouth, Rhode Island with their workshop located in Bristol, Rhode Island. a2z Renovations is well equipped and positioned to accommodate most of Rhode Island, with special support to Barrington, Bristol, Newport, Portsmouth, Tiverton, Warren and surrounding towns. Richard resides in Portsmouth, Rhode Island with his wife, married in 1996, and their children and puppy.